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inally taking his own life xnxx vina garut with her own courageous example. Goebells' last hope of smuggling the High Leader out of Germany and reconstituting their Power xnxx com/ through Hitler free porn as a figure head, died with Eva and the Fuhrer. Goebells took his own life shortly xxnx thereafter. Now, we appear to be facing a new, and evidently, xnxx desi very powerful High Leader who shares those dreams of conquest. We don't know who or where he is, but we have seen signs that point in that direction. We needed to prepare for a conflict, and we needed more power on our side of the ledger. As I said xvideo earlier, only women can wield the white magic. Similarly, only men can wield the dark. As Jack, xnxx barat you could not wield the Dark Power because of certain rites that were performed by your Mother at your birth. Still, you had a spark of power in you that could become great if you accepted the Gift of the Goddess. That was why the Sisterhood Transformed you - so you could become a woman who could grow in the power xnx the Sisterhood needs to face wwwxnxx a rearmed Brotherhood. xnxx. End of Bronwyn's story. Jacqui was very quiet after Bronwyn finished her tale. Whatever she had expected, what she had been told was not it. Was xnxx japan she supposed to become some indian xnxx type of female mystic warrior, fighting to the death against the evil xnxx indonesia minions of the Dark Brotherhood? Lord, it sounded like something from a comic book or a B-Movie, Texas Chainsaw Bimbo xnxx japan Witches. "I don't think I can deal with this, Mom, Bronwyn. You did this to me, took away everything I xnxx anime thought xnxx porno was mine, to go to tamil xnxx war? What video porno am I? Some sort of witch-assassin in training? Buffy the Brother-Slayer?" The other two women spoke simultaneously. "No!" "Goddess, no!" then looked at each other apologetically. Laurie continued. "Jacqui, the Sisterhood does not, cannot kill. We fight the Brotherhood, yes, but our purpose is to deprive them sex of power, not life. Remember what I told japanese xnxx you would happen if you aborted a child. A Sister who kills another human being forfeits forever the Gift of the xnxx hot Goddess." "But how? I mean, xnxx. what do you. . . Lord, I assume that the Brotherhood has no such limitations on the use of their power?" Bronwyn smiled sadly. "You assume correctly. The Dark Power is very capable of destruction and death. It is one of site xnxx the reasons that Hitler was so effective xxnxx at removing his opponents just before xnxx bokep they became a real problem. The Brotherhood can and does kill, Jacqui, with great ease and www.xnxx effect." "They can try to kill you, but you can't kill in return." Jacqui just shook her head in disbelief. "Amazing. I am surprised there is a Sisterhood left if these little turf wars have been going on throughout history." xnnn "There have been times when it has been a near video xnxx thing, but we are not xnxx hindi so defenseless as that. The Dark Power exists in xnxx teen the absence of light. Our power derives from the Light, and we have xnxx telugu ways to attack individual Brothers, provided they are not too powerful, by sort of "filling in" the dark places with light. That is not quite what we do, but the analogy is close. In any case, xnxx tamil the end result of that attack is a Brother who xnxx asia has been permanently divorced from his source of power, and who no longer has any feelings of xxx xnxx aggression. Some of us gay xnxx are very powerful, and we can do this to most of the Brotherhood." "We also," Bronwyn continued, "Work as we did during World War II, removing their xnxx stories power base in the non-magic world, and de- stabilizing their command structure. xnxxcom As we said, not all Brothers are evil and usually, the ones who are xnxx jav not take advantage of our xnxx barat activities to bring down the xnxxx evil ones." "Sounds like a shaky way to fight a war, Bronwyn. I suspect there are casualties?" "Sadly, yes. On both sides." xnxx tv "And you," Jacqui looked at porno Bronwyn before turning her eyes to Laurie, "and you, want me to join your fight?" Bronwyn took Laurie's trembling hand. The accusation in Jacqui's voice pained her, and had to devastate Laurie. "We felt that, once again, the world would need us to be ready to face the Brotherhood and to xnxxcom www xnxx com answer that call, we felt that we needed you and your talents on our side." she answered with grim dignity. "Greetings from the High Priestess, xnxx tv you have been drafted." She returned with disgusted irony in her xnxx desi tones. "I don't want any part of xnxx indo that, Bronwyn. Now, I suppose this is where you tell me that my failure bokep xnxx to cooperate will force you to xnxxcom end the lessons I need to be able to reverse the Transformation Spell?" "No!" the shout from Laurie rocked Jacqui back. "I told you, I promised you that porn I would do everything in my xnxx hot power xnxx videos to help you undo what I have done. That promise stands unchanged and unconditionally. Whether mom xnxx we wanted you to help us or not is nxxn a moot point, since we have accepted that your foremost desire is to change back. As Jack, you cannot wield the power. xnxx indonesia There is nothing Jack could do to help us." Bronwyn added. "I add my own assurances to your Mother's, Jacqui. Nothing changes. www xnxx Yes, we want and need the power you could add to our ranks. However, you have to want to be there with us, the same as any other Sister. Some of us are going to die in the coming fight, Jacqui. Those who go to fight, must know in their hearts that such a sex xnxx sacrifice is justified. If you xxx videos don't feel that way, there is no way we could permit you to join us." Nothing more was said for several minutes as all three women tried to cope with xnxx .com the emotions of the previous half hour. Finally, Bronwyn held out a hand to Jacqui. She eyed it, and then slowly reached out her own to xnxx porno take it in hers. Tentatively, Laurie held out her free hand to her daughter and felt joy when Jacqui all but snatched at it, gripping it tightly in her own. "I don't site xnxx know about you two," Bronwyn said haltingly, "But I porno would really like to vina garut xnxx be held." Simultaneous "Me, too"-s answered her and she used her own power to shift them into xxnn Laurie's large bed. Disoriented by the teleportation, it took Jacqui a moment or two to realize where she was and that she was in the middle between xnxx indian the two older women. It only took an instant longer than that porn videos to realize that all of them were completely naked. Unprepared for the sudden change, Jacqui spun toward her Mother and made to get out of the bed. Bronwyn caught her about the waist and pulled her back down and into her, spoon fashion and her Mother enfolded her in a full body embrace, her breasts flattening against Jacqui's own. Jacqui's protest were swallowed by Laurie's mouth covering her own and Laurie's tongue impudently exploring her mouth. The clever xnxx video hands of two experienced women made short work of any xxnxx lingering, halfhearted resistance. ************ The man entered into the spacious office, pleased for once to make his reports. He had what he thought was good news for a change. The High Leader was seated at his desk, pouring over some report, which xnxx movies he continued until he deemed he had made his xnxx .com minion wait long enough. Even so petty an expression tamil xnxx of power fed the hunger inside him. "Well?" he asked preemptively. "The girl has been doing a very exhaustive search of online and other reference resources for information on witches and magic for some time now. We have been monitoring her accounts and know exactly what she has xxx video seen and what she has downloaded to her private machine." xnxx india He looked up from porno xnxx his notes at the High Leader. "So?" he challenged. "The boy-slut free porn is highly computer xnxx app literate. That she is nxxn using those skills to try and learn about the ones who did this to him should be expected. Too bad your ineffectual organization did not discover him until after the bitches Transformed him. I could have used someone with that potential for power coupled with modern technical skills." Fearing the direction the High Leader was taking this discussion, the Chief rushed on to get video xnxx back to his own purpose in being here. "Yes, we did expect the data search, High Leader, which xnxx sex videos is why we have xnxx 2019 tapped her accounts. In any case, after the last download, she spent some time apparently organizing and analyzing the data, then phoned her Mother. She refused to tell her what she wanted, but xnxx gay rather insisted on meeting her immediately, along with the other subject, Bronwyn Llewellyn. All three subjects met at the Mother's sex videos house about thirty minutes later. xnxx video No one left until the next morning." The High Leader considered this. "I think we can assume that the Llewellyn woman is a high adept of the Sisterhood, perhaps xnnx even the High Priestess. zoo xnxx We know she protected the girl throughout her last year of high school and xnxx korea has continued to take xnxx app a deep interest in her activities since. As far as we know, this is a singular deviation from their normal procedure of leaving the Transformed sluts to their Mothers. So, the girl must be important to them. Why?" He looked up at his minion with angry eyes. "Tell me why!" he bellowed. "And don't come back here until xnxx korea you can. Don't make me wait too long for your return, either." porn videos The man scurried from the room, his heart racing. That xnxx indo had been a near thing. The High Leader was becoming more dangerously unpredictable with xnxn each passing day. ~-------------~ A Change of Direction Chapter 23 Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jackie Donovan 1 year, 3 months, 14 days A. T. Damn, but I am really blown away by porn all this. I think, at last, I really have the full story and the real reasons for my Transformation. As to what I am going to do about the indo xnxx coming fight with the Brotherhood, that is a video xnxx problem for me. On one hand, my *MOM* is going to be involved. Worse, she has told me she *needs* me. On the other hand, the *me* she *needs* is Jacqui, not Jack. Jack is of no use to them at all, videos xnxx and although they did not say it outright, I free porn suspect that he may actually be a liability to them. That means I have to stay Jacqui in order to help her, and yes, wwwxnxx in order to sex video protect her. And xnxx. com on top of everything else, there is this guy in my japan xnxx parapsychology course. (Mom xnxx selingkuh site xnxx and Bronwyn didn't know I was taking this course, but it fit in my schedule. Someone said know thy enemy and know thyself. I just can't figure out yet if I have met the enemy and he *is* me.) Anyway, this guy has been giving me the eye xnxx telugu for a couple of weeks now, and today, I found myself *daydreaming* about him. Lord help me, I actually told myself he was cute! Jack is *not* happy! All of xnxx porn which pointedly reminds me how much I really, really miss Marcus. And that is another thing. video porno Hey, Bronwyn, I am getting tired of dropping hints. I need xnxx 2019 some of the insight I used to get from Bonnie. You remember her? Smart mouth, cute as a button, big boobs, sneaky xnxx hd witch type. Listen, girlfriend, *You* got me into this mess. "A little hand job is just the thing to keep a boy happy, Jacqui." Well, xnxx. com a little hand job is damned well not going to keep *me* happy much longer and it is scaring the hell out of me and Jack. Now, Bronwyn, will you please quit pretending you aren't reading this and come talk to me? It is hard enough porn videos writing this stuff. I don't know if I can say out loud in the open on my own. In other words, Bronwyn-dear. . . . HEELLLLLPPPPPP!!!!! Is *that* subtle enough for you? As if life was not xnxx hd already complicated enough. End Journal Entry. *********************** Bronwyn entered Laurie's sanctum with a delighted grin on her lovely features. "She is going crazy, Laurel. I think this could be a big turnaround for her and for us." Laurie, who had been working on her latest book, a historical compilation of xnxx japanese herbal remedies, looked up at her friend with confusion written across her face. "I assume you are talking about Jacqui, but I haven't the faintest idea what you mean." She offered a glass of iced tea which Bronwyn accepted as she sat down in the overstuffed chair near the bookcases. "Yes, I mean Jacqui. She is xnxx/ coming to the realization that she wants Marcus sexually. She has also divined that I am peeking into her journal. Goddess, but xnxx mom her intuition is still getting stronger. She's been leaving me little hints in that "this-is-not-a-diary" of hers for the past couple of months or so. Her last entry all but orders me to get off my fanny and help her figure out what to do about her feelings for him. Quite forcefully, too." The grin got wider. "She wants to blame Bonnie for that, too, since she encouraged her to go out with the boy in the first place." "Encouraged? Sure you did, woman. Like a baseball bat encourages a ball to change direction. WHAP!" Laurie smirked at her sex xnxx friend as she smacked her www xnxx hands together hard. Bronwyn had the grace to blush slightly. "So xvideos she needed a little push." Laurie's eyebrow went up in challenge. "Okay, so it was a big push, but she has not really regretted it. And she sucked him off the first time completely xxx xnxx on her xnxx movies own." Another wicked little grin. "One thing I will say for you, Laurel, you did a great job adjusting her sex drive." A www xnxx com little uncomfortable with that reminder of what she had done to her xnxx jepang son, Laurie tried to joke past it. "Natural family talent, my dear, and the enthusiasm of youth." Recognizing the misdirection for what it was, Bronwyn did not argue the point. "Well, she wants him badly enough to admit it to herself and to me. In her xnxx video writing, anyway. So, Mother of the would-be Bride, what do we do?" "I am not sure I know what you mean." "Of course you do, Laurel. You just don't want to accept any more responsibility for indo xnxx the necessary manipulation xnxx vina garut of your child's developing femininity, but she needs our help, luv. You are still the one person who knows her best. Now, as I see it, we can do one of three things. Ignore the writing and not admit I know xnxx jav what she wrote. That has the advantage of simplicity and would force the girl to make her own decisions." "It also has a xnxx videos couple of big disadvantages. She won't believe your claims that you don't know what she is writing. You are right - her 'Knowing' power is formidable and xnxn she has come to trust it without realizing https // it. The other problem evolves from that xnxx movies first one. If she thinks you xnxx com have ignored her, and whatever she does goes wrong, we could xnxx bokep lose her trust." Bronwyn frowned for the first time. "Point taken. And whether we help her undo the Transformation or ease her into a position of prominence xnxx sex within the Sisterhood, we www xnxx will need that hard won trust. Okay, we have to do something. Possibility two is that we encourage her to take the big xvideos step. xxnx Go all the way and make beautiful xnnx love with Marcus. A little magical influence and he is the greatest lover since Don Juan. Sensitive yet xnxx sex videos forceful, vidio xnxx open to any sexy games that you daughter wants to play xnxx anime - in other words, a guy straight out of the latest romance novel. With her inherent sensuality, she will love every sweaty minute xnxx of it." "Is she ready to learn the Transformation Spell? I mean, really ready? Because if she isn't, that is very risky. She is on birth control, but you know that means nothing with a Transformee. If she becomes really enthusiastic, heck, *when* she becomes enthusiastic, she will want him frequently. She *will* get pregnant in xnxx download very short order." Bronwyn's shoulders slumped. "She is close, Laurel. I have never seen a xnxx/ student grow so quickly in her power. She will have the shape shifting down in another week sex video or two, but it might be as much as six months to a year before she is truly ready for that step." "I agree with that. So, what other option is there that will let her sex play without having vina garut xnxx to pay too xnnx much of a price?" The wicked grin was back. "Laurel." she chided, "You know as well as I do that there is more than xnxx arab one way to make love to a man, and more than one place a woman can be put to the cock." Laurel frowned momentarily before understanding made her eyes go xnxx arab wide. "You don't mean. . ." "Sure I do." was the immediate response. "And she will have to *really* want it, so it will be a good test of her readiness to start the next and most critical vina garut xnxx phase of her training. And besides," the smile grew even wider, "She might want a little practice before she tries it with Marcus. I would love to try that with her and porn xnxx it would give us a chance to teach that passive loving lesson again." Laurie's own expression xnxx porn went soft with sexual longing. "Oh, Goddess. Me, too." she said fervently. "Me, too." Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 1 Year 3 months 18 days A. T. So, Bronwyn has finally admitted to reading this. And she offered me some advice on how to handle this . . . thing with Marcus. Laid out three options for me and gave me the upside and the porno xnxx downside of each xnxx teen one. Actually two xnxx gay options, because her first solution, which is to do nothing xvideos at all, is not going to make it. I don't know much about this female need that is starting to simmer inside xnxx mom me, but I do know this. Trying to pretend it away is a good way to make the pot boil over. Can you spell "Motherhood"? And no, if that does happen, I will not abort the baby. And not because of that threat Mom laid on me right after the Transformation, either. Since I told Bronnie to keep peaking (sometimes https // it is easier to admit I need help here - this female thing is still kind of scary to talk about out loud) I won't say vidio xnxx what the threat was. Bronwyn might not know about it and I don't want Mom to be embarrassed by it. However, I know her and her xxnxx beliefs well enough by now to realize she was bluffing to japanese xnxx keep me from doing something stupid. No, the baby would stay because I would not do that to Marcus. So, xnx I xnxx india have only two options, and only one that assures I don't have to spell that M word. Bronwyn gave me this kinky "how- to" book, some stuff in a tube and recommended that I practice before I try it with Marcus. Practice? End Journal Entry Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 1 Year 3 months 18 days A. T. OMIGOD! I just browsed through that book. NOW I understand "practice". There were pictures of women using rubber dicks on themselves. . . umm. . back there. From behind. Now that I have seen mom xnxx it in the book, xxx I keep swiveling my head over to the strap on harness and dildo Mom and Bronwyn bought me last summer. It really would fit??? There?!?! Near as I can recall, it is about the same size as Marcus. Maybe this is something you work up to. . . there were pictures xnxx telugu of women using their fingers, too. I mean, heck, the doctor did that to Jack once, during a physical. Now, Jack, maybe it is different if you are turned on when it xnxx happens, or if you are doing it www.xnxx for fun. Doctors probably don't like sticking their fingers up guys' butts either, so they probably don't do it the way Bronwyn's book describes. Hey. It is my butt and you xxx video are just along for the xxxx ride. You keep your xnxx japan snide comments xnxx arab to yourself, mister. This is hard enough as it is. Is this where I stamp my foot and say "Men!" in an utterly disgusted tone of voice? Consider it stamped and said. End Journal porn Entry Excerpt from sunny leone xnxx the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 1 Year 3 months 27 days A. T. On the humorous side, Mom's publisher decided to update her computer system so it is compatible with what they use at the main office. Really nice lash-up - almost as good as mine overall, but with a much better CPU. Mom is petrified. First of all, she has to learn a new word processor program. Secondly, they also put in an ISDN high speed data line into the house so she can send her stuff mom xnxx to them xnxx selingkuh by modem now, and worse, so they can send markups back to her. She took one look at the sample xnxx hindi "red-lined" galleys they sent her, xxxx with the strike-out fonts and everything, and screamed. Scared the heck out of me. I spent most of the weekend teaching her to use the new software and configuring everything so desi xnxx she has to do as little as possible to get done what she needs to do. The set up is almost bulletproof, now. Whether desi xnxx it is Mom-proof or not is another question. I kinda doubt anything could be, though. We will see. Wonder where I got my technical genes? My dad, probably. Certainly not from Mom. It also makes me wonder how she pulled off fixing all Jack's records to be Jacqueline. Must have been purely magic. She sure doesn't have the cyber- skills to do it any other way. Poor Mom. Her first electronically transmitted manuscript is due next week. Guess I better plan to be home that day. Heh heh. End Journal Entry. Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui xnxxx Donovan 1 Year 4 months 2 days A. T. Two major things happened yesterday. First of all, Bonnie was back for a visit today. Only, Bonnie was xxn me. Or is that, I was Bonnie? Who cares! I pulled off the shape shifting spell tamil xnxx all the way today. Hair color and length, skin tone, height, figure, face - the whole thing. Well, almost the whole thing. I forgot to change the hair between my legs. xnxx download Guess I wasn't a xxx xnxx "natural blond". But I could have changed it! Bronwyn was really proud of me. So was Mom. I think xnxx anime gay xnxx I surprised them, too, because of what I did with my first all-the-way solo xnxx hd spell. They were expecting me to try xnxx com Jack back on for size, but really, what's the point? What am I going to do - go find a pre-operative transsexual to play with because the plumbing would still be the indian xnxx internal stuff. The second really big thing is xxnx that the big thing xnxx tv finally FIT!!! I got the darn lump of rubber all the way in. AT LAST! It only hurt a little this time, and only at the very videos xnxx beginning. Playing with myself before and after I started to insert the dildo made it a little easier. It doesn't feel as good as making love with Mom and Bronwyn, but it is not a barefoot walk through the Valley of Death, either. I wonder xnxx jepang if there is something I am not doing right. I bet Bronwyn would know. Maybe it is time to ask for help again. Hmmmmm. She is coming over tonight again. Maybe . . japan xnxx . I have a great idea! End Journal Entry ***************** Her body warm and still glistening from her shower, Bronwyn walked into Laurie's bedroom. Laurie xnnn was also nude, and was laying on her tummy, reading. The lovely half moons indo xnxx of her ass beckoned to Bronwyn who fell upon her lover like a starving she-wolf. A few minutes later, the two women were too deeply involved to notice when Jacqui slipped in the door. That suited Jacqui just fine. It would ruin her surprise if they looked up too soon. Silently, bokep xnxx she crept to the bed where the two women lay locked in an exuberant sixty-nine, her Mother on top of Bronwyn xnxx asia with her back to Jacqui. It was perfect, she thought. Only when the xxx video thick rubber organ gently bounced off her forehead did Bronwyn realize that Jacqui had arrived and how she was attired. porn xnxx She made a quick survey of the girl. So what if the adjustment of the harness xnxx sex video was not quite perfect - that only meant that the teaser on the base of zoo xnxx the dildo would not give Jacqui quite as much of a jolt as it might have. It was the thought and the courage to face her little fears that really counted. Grinning encouragement, Bronwyn slipped down a bit, and used her xnxx .com fingers to gently spread the lips of Laurie's puss. Jacqui swallowed xnxx korea hard, and then slowly nudged the artificial penis into the mouth xnxx tamil of her xnxx. Mother's sex. Thoroughly aroused, and teased to near madness by Bronwyn's talented tongue, Laurie surged backwards to capture more of whatever Bronwyn xvideo was using to fill her. The cheeks of her bottom made firm contact with flesh xnnn as she engulfed xnxx cina the full length. Surprised, she twisted and saw her daughter arching into her and felt her surprisingly strong hands grasp her hips. Gently at first, then gradually picking up in confidence, speed and force, Jacqui began stroking the strap on in and out of her Mother. The combination of being filled while Bronwyn's tongue danced fire across her loins, shattered Laurie's control and she went momentarily mad. She buried her face in the humid warmth of Bronwyn's sex and alternately feasted on xxx videos and screamed into her friend. Laurie's triumphant scream of completion tripped Bronwyn over the edge, too. Jacqui tried to ride with her Mother, tried xnxx japanese to stay inside her as long as she could, xnxx com/ but one particularly vigorous spasm unseated her. Pleased with her part in this, she just stepped back and watched her two favorite people enjoy their pleasures. When all was xnxx sex video again quiet, Jacqui crawled in beside the two women and was immediately enfolded in twin hugs. Bronwyn and xxnn Laurie took special care to thank her and to tell her how wonderful it had been for them. After they'd recovered, japanese xnxx Bronwyn asked, "So, Jacqui, it's xnxx cina your turn now. What would you like best?" Shyly, Jacqui whispered. "Would you do me? With this?" her hand trailed down to the erect toy dangling between her legs. "Like in the book xxn you gave me?" She handed Bronwyn the now half empty tube of lubricant. "I have been practicing." she hastened to add. "I'd love to, darling." and then, because she saw the touch of fear still hiding in xnxx app the girl's eyes, she said. "I think we will make xnxx/ it a tie up game, too. That way, you won't wiggle xnxx videos to much." That brought Jacqui upright! xnxx indian xxx "No.... No, I don't think so, Bronwyn. I don't think I indian xnxx want xnxx sex to do this that way..." A gentle finger on the lips stilled the flood of refusals. "Same rules as last time, love. You say "red light" and we will stop immediately. I just want to be fully in control for your first time. Remember, just desi xnxx relax and let me do xnx the xnxx sex video work." Bronwyn's voice became softly intense. "Just trust me, please?" "Oh, you know I do." was the immediate reply. "I trust both of you. Okay. Just porno xnxx go slow. sex videos I have gotten it all the way in, but I have sunny leone xnxx not had any sexy feelings from it. Other than xnxx stories a very odd "full-feeling"." Moving their hands to the buckles, the two women began undoing the harness all the while grinning at each other like loons. It was going to be a very auspicious night. Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 1 Year 4 months 3 days A. T. If I am walking a little funny today, it is completely justified. I was right - I was mis